Your crown has fallen off! First, take a deep breath. 

It’s an understandably panicky situation, but it’s vital that you remain calm and calculate your next steps. If it makes you feel any less anxious, a dental crown falling off is a more common occurrence than people presume! Although it can be an unsettling and possibly painful feeling, know that it is easily remedied with the right attention and care. 

Why Did My Dental Crown Fall Off?

You’re probably wondering what caused this sudden situation in the first place. There are a few reasons why it could have happened:

  • Forces Out of Your Control: Most commonly, crowns fall off due to tooth decay, physical force or trauma, or grinding teeth in your sleep.
  • Problems with the Crown: This is less likely, but there may be a problem with the crown itself or the way it was inserted.
  • Gradually Worn Out: If its none of the above, it’s likely that the cement holding the crown in place, gradually wore off over a period of years.

Whatever the reason, you need to give it immediate attention. 

Next Steps: Plan of Action to Fix the Crown

Here are the next steps you can resort to.

Find the Crown

Just like when you were a pre-teen and your milk tooth came off one day in recess while eating a sandwich, your dental crown might have come loose while eating, flossing or brushing. In these cases, it’s easy (and advisable) to find the crown and save it to be re-attached. The good news is, if you find it, many dentists reattach it free of charge if there was no issue with the original crown. 

Things to Avoid 

We know it’s a scary situation to be in, but don’t try and fix it yourself by applying superglue. It’ll only complicate matters further or make it worse.

Call Our Crowfoot Dentist Office

Losing a crown is considered a dental emergency. So, it is advisable to call your dentist right away and get it looked at. The dentist will be able to clean and refit the crown, delaying further damage and decay to the underlying tooth. 

Visit the Nearest Pharmacy

The above is the best option, but if you can’t see one of your emergency dentists or get an appointment, don’t panic. There are certain measures you can take by yourself. First, rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to reduce sensitivity, and carefully clean out any dirt or debris. If it hurts too much, take a small dose of pain medication. 

Next, head to the nearest pharmacy. They will recommend an over-the-counter dental cement and explain how to use it. 

Why You Should Consider Nosehill Dental to Get Your Crown Fixed

Need an emergency dentist in Calgary? Look no further than Nosehill Dental. 

We are a team of diverse professionals committed to delivering the highest level of care to our patients, in keeping with advancements in dental technology and adhering to sterilization and infection control procedures.

Our promise to our patients is to give them robust comprehensive care while embracing inclusivity. Nosehill Dental is emergency-ready, and all you have to do is contact us to see an on-call emergency dentist at any time. We also allow walk-ins for dental emergencies, where our dentists will re-cement or put a temporary crown on a tooth that is cracked or fractured.

We strongly support inclusivity and have a No Judging Policy at our clinic. Wherever you come from, and whatever you look like, we believe that “All People Are Awesome” and are here to give you the best treatment you require. Contact Nosehill Dental today.

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