This is a common question among patients, particularly those that are new to dentures. Dentures can boost self-confidence, make it easier to eat, improve your speech, and support your facial muscles. While it may seem easier to wear your dentures overnight, it isn’t recommended.

Studies have shown that wearing your dentures 24/7 can adversely affect your overall health. That’s why it’s essential to learn more about the risks of sleeping with your dentures in. Furthermore, knowing routine denture maintenance is critical to your health and the longevity of your new dentures.

How Sleeping in Dentures Impacts Your Oral Health

Generally, yes, but not always. When you first get your dentures in Crowfoot or wherever you are in NW Calgary, your dentists in Nosehill Dental may recommend that you sleep with your dentures in for a couple of days. However, following that brief period, you will be strongly encouraged not to keep your dentures in 24 hours a day. Removing your dentures periodically allows your gums to rest. There’s no better time to let your gums to rest than while you sleep.

While we’ve explored the benefits of removing your dentures at night, you may still be wondering, “Is sleeping in dentures bad?”

Leaving your dentures in all of the time can lead to severe consequences to your health. A recent study showed that patients that leave their dentures in at night are twice as lightly to develop pneumonia from bacteria. Pneumonia is a severe and potentially life-threatening condition, especially in the elderly. The same study concluded that leaving your dentures in at night can also lead to oral inflammation, as well as the growth of harmful bacteria.

Wearing your dentures while sleeping can lead to thrush, also known as denture stomatitis, through the development of yeast or fungus. This condition is commonly characterized by red, inflamed skin at the roof of your mouth. Thrush can also present itself as painful, irritating cracks in the corners of your mouth. When left untreated, this condition can lead to mouth soreness and can cause ill-fitting dentures in the future.

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Is Sleeping in Dentures Bad? Denture Maintenance and You 

Denture maintenance is crucial to your oral health and can help your dentures last longer. It’s essential to remove your dentures at night to help you thoroughly clean them. Storing your dentures in a small amount of water or denture-cleaning solution can stop them from warping and help keep them clean. 

You can improve your oral health and maintain your dentures by removing and rinsing your dentures after each meal. It is also essential to clean your dentures daily. You can do so by brushing your dentures to remove any bits of food and then using a non-abrasive denture-specific cleaner. Avoid using toothpaste, as toothpaste is too abrasive for dentures. When cleaning your dentures, you should always make sure to clean the surface that sits against your gums, especially if you use any kind of fixative. 

It can be helpful to have cleanings done for your dentures. Your dental team at Nosehill Dental can help you remove any stains, scales, or any other type of build-up. 

Is sleeping in dentures bad? Seeking Help With Your Dentures

If anything ever feels off about your dentures, it is vital to communicate with your dental care team. Like general medical conditions, oral health problems can grow worse over time or lead to other conditions. 

Contact your NW Calgary dentists at Nosehill Dental if you experience symptoms such as: 

  • Pain or discomfort. 
  • Difficulty eating or speaking. 
  • Persistent bad breath. 
  • Gum or mouth irritation. 
  • Mouth sores. 
  • Dentures that click or move around. 
  • Clicking or pain in your jaw. 

These symptoms could indicate a health condition, or your dentures may not be adequately fitted. If you are experiencing any kind of symptoms or your dentures just feel off to you, it is best to take a proactive approach and speak with your dentist. 

If you had previously been sleeping in your dentures to assist you with a condition such as sleep apnea, your dentist might be able to recommend other dental solutions that may be used more safely than sleeping in your dentures. 

Get Help with Your Dentures in Crowfoot or NW Calgary

Are you searching for a dentist to assist you with your dentures in Calgary or Crowfoot? Having a reliable dentist you can trust can help you maintain your dentures and help you stay healthy. 

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