A dental crown is a major dental investment, both in terms of time and money. Is there anything you can do to ensure the health of your teeth and extend the life of dental crowns?

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to promote dental crown longevity, one of which is seeing an emergency dentist. Calgary patients need to see their dentist right away if they notice any issues with their crowns, including cracking.

Why See an Emergency Dentist in Calgary for a Cracked Crown?

A lot of people think that it’s not a dental emergency if they notice a crack in their dental crown. While cracks in dental crowns might not cause immediate pain, it doesn’t mean you should wait to see your dentist until you’re in pain.

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Instead, you should schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist right away. A crack can lead to bacterial leakage, allowing bacteria from your mouth to seep into the inside of the crown. Eventually, this will lead to recurrent dental decay and, in some cases, painful infections that put you at risk of losing the tooth.

Are you worried about what your dentist will say about your dental emergency, particularly if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while? Rest assured, Nosehill Dental has a no-judgment policy – the dental team simply wants to help keep you and your teeth healthy. Whatever dental emergency you may have, our doctors offer a safe space where your comfort is the number one priority.


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Long-Lasting Dental Crowns in Calgary

What can you do to ensure that your crowns last longer and reduce the risk of needing to see an emergency dentist? Calgary dentists at Nosehill Dental recommend you take the following steps.

Stick to a Good Homecare Routine

One of the main reasons why people experience dental emergencies is due to the lack of a good dental home care routine. The issue could be that they haven’t been well-educated or they feel they just don’t have the time to floss every day.

Unfortunately, lack of flossing and inadequate brushing can lead to bacterial leakage at the margin (where the edge of the crown meets the remaining tooth structure).

You can reduce your risk of recurrent dental decay, though, by brushing at least twice a day – preferably after every meal. Additionally, flossing should take place at least once a day.

Wear a Dental Nightguard

If you experience clenching and bruxism (grinding of the teeth), you should wear a nightguard. The nightguard will protect your teeth from the pressure of clenching and grinding. You’ll reduce your risk of cracking and even fracturing your teeth. Plus, you’ll lower the possibility of erosion of your dental restorations and having them pop off or dislodge.

Another reason why a dental nightguard is a great idea is that it can prevent the painful symptoms of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, including headaches and migraines.

Why Regular Check-Ups with Nosehill Dental Are Helpful

Another thing you can do to increase the longevity of your dental crowns is to see your dentist for maintenance check-ups.

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The dentists at Nosehill Dental don’t simply operate as an emergency dentist in Calgary. They also want to prevent emergencies and recommend dental cleanings and exams every six months.

Exams will help your dentist find any issues – like dental decay or gum disease – in the early stages when they’re easier to treat and the success rate is higher. Additionally, your Calgary dental team will educate you often on the best dental home care practices, as well as how to keep your teeth healthier and increase the lifespan of your dental crowns.

Are you worried about one of your dental crowns? Contact us right away to schedule an evaluation.

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