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Calgary Teeth Whitening

Calgary Teeth Whitening

Calgary Teeth Whitening Options That Will Enhance Your Smile

The radiance of your teeth can boost your self-confidence. It will improve your smile and appearance. Whiter teeth can enhance your career as a journalist, model or others. The sparkle of your dentition will make people appreciate you. Various procedures are available at Calgary teeth whitening centers that will help improve the look of your teeth.

Brushing your teeth twice daily with toothpaste can keep them clean. Regular care such as flossing them once per day and dental cleaning by a dentist can also make them healthy. However, you can make them brighter and free of discolorations by choosing the teeth whitening options. With this professional dental care, you will achieve a dazzling smile.

Many people have stained teeth. Though they observe the regular dental care, their teeth can become discolored over time. Tea, coffee, red wine, some antibiotics, and smoking can stain the teeth. Professionals at Calgary teeth whitening centers offer safe and effective treatment that can eliminate the stains. These procedures can also brighten your dentition. The dependable results from the therapy can increase your self-esteem.

Though there are products that claim to whiten the teeth, dentist-supervised whitening procedures can produce a positive effect. They can brighten your teeth beyond their original shade. The treatment options have no adverse effects. You can choose any of the following therapy.

Professional or in-practice teeth whitening

A dental professional can carry out a bleaching procedure to brighten your teeth. Your doctor will use peroxide containing products to remove stains from your teeth. The expert will first apply a rubber shield or protective gel on your gums before using a bleaching agent on your teeth. Sometimes, the product is activated with light, laser, or heat. The chair-side bleaching provides instant results. However, make sure that you don’t have teeth-sensitivity before you opt for this treatment.

Use at home teeth whitening procedure

This treatment option is familiar with cosmetic dentists. The products used contain less peroxide than those used for professional therapy. They can be used with mouth guards or custom-fitted trays, and strips while some are paint-on products. Some teeth whitening products used at home contain fluoride which helps to prevent mild tooth sensitivities.

The mouth guards hold gel-like whitening products onto the teeth. Depending on the prescription, you can wear them overnight or twice a day for a couple of weeks. The teeth whitening strips are flexible plastics with a thin layer of hydrogen peroxide on one side. The strips’ kit has pieces for both upper and lower teeth. Place the covering on your teeth with the side containing the bleaching agent touching them. Press the strips to make contact with your teeth. Wear it for 30 minutes twice daily for the period specified by your dentist.

You can apply the paint-on products directly on your teeth. Leave it for 30 minutes to dry. Remove the dry paint film by using a toothbrush to brush your teeth. The procedure is done twice daily.

Whitening toothpaste

These products contain unique substances that remove stains from the teeth. However, some of these products can be abrasive.

Before choosing any of the treatments, dentists at Calgary teeth whitening centers will assess your teeth. They will advise you on the procedure that suitable for your enamel. Visit your dentist and improve your appearance.


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