It’s easy to think that you can skip a dental cleaning appointment to save time and money or simply out of fear. After all, you may brush your teeth enough, and maybe you even floss. But cleanings are much more important than people give them credit for.

No matter how well you brush and floss your teeth, there is no substitute for a professional hygiene visit. A dental professional will be able to look inside the mouth, see the state of its health, and catch issues before they become more problematic.

Dental Health is Essential to Overall Health

Dental health influences overall body health in many ways. Gingivitis, or inflamed gums, can turn into periodontal disease, where the inner part of the gums moves away from the teeth and becomes infected. Periodontal disease can further lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even some cancers. It has also been connected to bone loss.

Gingivitis releases bacteria that make your immune system work overtime. Continuous inflammation is harmful to your whole body, and your immune system can weaken if it is constantly working. With gingivitis, your gums may be inflamed but your teeth are still secured in place, unlike periodontitis where the teeth become loose as the gums move away.

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Source: Mayo Clinic

It is important to see a dentist regularly as a lot of dental problems don’t show symptoms until they advance and become a lot more problematic.

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Dental Cleanings are a Necessity

Gingivitis creates pockets for bacteria and disease to hide in. Proper dental cleanings will help to get rid of bacteria and tartar, keeping your teeth healthy and strong. A dental cleaning can get into those pockets and flush everything out thoroughly, helping your teeth heal faster and protect themselves against further problems associated with periodontitis.

The pockets created by the bacteria will shrink back down during the healing process. The shrinking allows a tight reseal around your teeth, keeping them secured in place.

Consistent, bi-annual cleanings are great preventative care against other problems. Without cleanings, more serious surgeries or procedures may be required to fix what could have been taken care of in the early stages.

For example, our Calgary team recently saw a patient who had skipped four routine cleaning appointments. She’s now in stage three of gingivitis and is experiencing deep gum pockets, some bone loss, and gum recession.

Deep Cleaning Versus Regular Cleaning

Depending on your needs, you can have a regular cleaning or deep cleaning. A regular cleaning focuses more on the bacteria and tartar on your gum line.

If you feel like your teeth need a touch-up, the dentist will polish your teeth at the end of the cleaning.

A deep cleaning procedure, also known as scaling or root planning, is needed when the pockets between your tooth and gum are deeper than average or if you haven’t gotten your teeth cleaned in a long time. The goal of deep cleaning is to get rid of bacteria from all over the mouth instead of focusing only on the gum line.

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