If you’ve ever struggled with digestive issues, you may have never considered that your teeth may be related.In reality, your teeth play an integral role in your overall health, including that of the digestive system. In fact, digestion actually begins with very first bite of food you take.

There is a strong link between dentition and digestion. Straightening your teeth through orthodontic dentistry may be the solution to a number of digestive concerns.


Your Teeth – an Important Part of Your Digestive System

Your teeth and saliva are important components of the digestive system. How so?

Let’s start with the teeth. The design of the molars is such that, with thorough chewing, you start to break down the components of the food you eat. When the food is already partially broken down, it makes it easier for the stomach and intestines to process the food even more.

This is why it’s so important to realize that how you chew is just as important as the food itself when it comes to proper digestion. Taking the time to chew food (instead of scarfing it down) actually gives the signal to release saliva.

What exactly is the purpose of the saliva? First, saliva wets the food, making it easier to swallow and pass through the digestive tract. Also, within your saliva is an enzyme called amylase. This enzyme breaks down fat and carbohydrates.


Adverse Effects of Improperly Chewed Food – Why You Should Care

Some people aren’t able to chew their food properly due to malocclusion or crooked teeth. This is a major cause for concern because it can lead to further digestive issues. Here’s what you should know.

You Can’t Absorb Vital Nutrients

One of the main concerns of any Calgary dentist is whether their patients are getting enough nutrients. When you lack nutrients, your immune system becomes weak, making it easier to get sick or from inflammation to occur. It may also become more difficult to fight infections, including dental infections.

When you aren’t able to chew your food well, it’s harder for the body to break it down, which becomes problematic when absorbing nutrients. In fact, you can literally become nutrient deficient because of your inability to chew food thoroughly.

It’s Easier to Make Less Nutritious Choices

Ill-fitting dentures or crooked teeth make it a lot less comfortable to chew food correctly. Because of malocclusion, some teeth take more of the biting pressure than others, causing pain. Over time, this can result in painful cracked tooth syndrome (CTS).


Chewing phrases involve the temporalis masseter and pterygoid muscles to open and close

Source: Research Gate

Because of this discomfort, some start making less nutritious choices. After all, it’s easier to eat some pudding or macaroni and cheese than it is the harder-to-chew, nutrient-dense options, like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Extra Pressure Is Put on the Digestive System

Unfortunately, nutrient absorption isn’t the only thing you have to worry about if you can’t chew well. Improperly broken down food puts extra pressure on the rest of the digestive tract. This can cause discomfort, like bloating and gas, as well as constipation or diarrhea.

Damaging Chemicals Can Reach the Bloodstream

Sometimes, the reason it’s difficult to chew is because a person has old, broken down, or misaligned amalgam fillings. Silver fillings can put pressure on the teeth over time, leading to cracks. And cracked teeth can be sensitive to cold, sugary, and even hot foods.

Another danger of silver fillings is that they release a little bit of mercury fillings with every bite. The mercury then travels through your bloodstream. The World Health Organization warns that mercury can have toxic effects on various systems of the body over time, including the digestive system.  


Orthodontic Dentistry – How a Better Bite Can Lead to Better Digestion

What can you do if malocclusion is the cause of your poor digestion? You can invest in orthodontic dentistry.

Misaligned teeth throw everything off balance. Some teeth end up taking on more bite pressure than others. And the strained muscles of the face, head, and neck can lead to TMJ disorder.


Some people with TMJ disorder have so much muscle tightness and pain that they can’t chew properly, if at all. They also often deal with chronic headaches and migraines.

When you have a misaligned bite, there’s only so much a general dentist can do. They can try adjusting your bite a little to make you more comfortable. But if you want to fix the root of the issue, you’re going to need orthodontic dentistry.

Your local Calgary dentist can provide orthodontic treatment for both children and adults. It’s ideal to nip the problem of misalignment in the bud by getting your child braces. When some teeth are out of alignment, they can easily cause others to grow into the mouth improperly, exacerbating the problem. Orthodontic dentistry can be helpful to adults, too.

Fortunately, there are a variety of orthodontic options to fix your bite, which include:

• Traditional braces

• Traditional braces with porcelain brackets

Invisalign trays.

Your dental and gut health are closely intertwined. When one is in good shape, the other will be too, resulting in the improvement of your overall health. That is definitely a good reason to invest in orthodontic dentistry.


Source: Invisalign.com


A Beautiful Smile – It’s About Way More Than Aesthetics

Many people assume that orthodontic dentistry has a singular goal: To provide patients with a beautiful smile.



While it’s true that correcting a person’s bite and crooked teeth is aesthetically pleasing, that’s not the only reason why you should consider it.

Straighter teeth make it easier to practice good dental care overall. Properly aligning a bite can reduce the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder, like migraine headaches. And as you’ve just discovered, orthodontic treatment from a Calgary dentist can aid in your proper digestion.

If you’ve been considering the idea of orthodontic treatment, rest assured that this type of treatment is worth the investment. With it, you’ll feel more confident flashing a gorgeous smile, and it just might improve your health, too!


Would you like to learn more about how an improved smile can improve your overall health? Contact our team to schedule a comprehensive examination. We’ll find the treatment plan that suits your unique needs the best.

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