Dental Hygiene

Keep what you have! Maintain your oral health with teeth cleaning in Calgary

Dental Hygiene is More than just keeping your teeth clean

Effective teeth cleaning done by your dental hygienist helps to remove plaque, tartar and bacterial toxins from tooth surfaces below the gum line, making it an important step in proper dental hygiene. It’s not as scary as it sounds!

Whether you have active periodontal disease or are simply taking measures to prevent it, routine home maintenance may not be enough for proper dental hygiene as it generally focuses only on areas of the tooth that are above the gum line – who knew! How can seeing the dentist regularly help to combat the issue?

what to expect at your regular dental visits?

At our Calgary dental office, we work with you and your family to create a frequent dental hygiene care schedule to help keep those pearly whites looking fresh.

Finding convenient appointment times may be difficult for people with busy and active lifestyles, which is why many of our patients pre-schedule their upcoming visits. We will send reminders prior – you won’t miss it!

What can you expect when you see us? A maintenance appointment may include procedures, such as:

  • Taking jawbone x-rays;
  • Measuring the depth of periodontal pockets;
  • Checking for loose teeth or bleeding gums;
  • Removing plaque or tartar above or below the gum line;
  • Discussing the effectiveness of your home care;
  • Screening for oral cancer;
  • Checking tissues of the head and neck.

Regular maintenance visits help us tackle the stronghold of bacteria in your gums and slow or outright eliminate further destructive effects and more painful procedures down the road.

Periodontal disease (gum Disease) crash course

Tooth decay, you say?

About Periodontal Scaling – it’s simple!

Regular removal of tartar and bacteria are crucial in treating gingivitis, controlling the effects of periodontal disease and preventing tooth decay. How do we go about it?

Teeth Cleaning in Calgary

During your teeth cleaning, we use an ultrasonic scaler consisting of a wand with a small scaling tip, which produces soft ultrasonic vibrations and releases a gentle flow of water. As the tip moves along the tooth surface, it makes quick, small vibrations breaking up plaque and tartar.

By giving you a tickling sensation, these vibrations cause millions of microscopic bubbles to form in the water. How cool!

The benefits of ultrasonic scaling

The tip of ultrasonic scaling instruments is extremely small, making it a comfortable option and way less disturbing to gum tissue. Further, a medicated solution may be added to the water to treat any infections or aid in overall healing.

Cleaning your teeth with an ultrasonic scaler is an important and effective method for helping to maintain your healthy smile!

Regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings aren’t scary!

Along with removing plaque and stubborn bacteria, our patients can learn a lot about how to make their dental home care even more effective through seeing us on a routine basis. What are the appropriate ways to brush and floss? What kinds of foods cause nasty effects? We believe that real change begins with education – that’s why we’re here!

Simple root planning procedures are the easiest way to avoid further complications down the road. Who wants to come in for a more painful and costly visit when they don’t have to?

Our team is flexible in making appointments work best for you and your family, based on your needs and schedules. We can help find a time that works for you and alleviate the pain of having to remember when to come in! We take preventative care to heart and work to ensure that you achieve oral health for life and that your smile remains absolutely beautiful.

Looking to have your teeth cleaned in calgary

Nosehill Dental ensures that each individual has access to dental solutions tailored to their specific needs, without exceptions. All our patients are treated equally and are encouraged to ask questions, seek clarification, and take an active role in their own dental care plan, in order to achieve oral health for life.

Are your teeth due for a cleaning? Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our friendly hygiene team today!

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