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Dental Hygiene

What Is Tooth Decay?

When you have active periodontal disease, routine home maintenance may not enough because for proper dental hygiene as it generally focuses on areas of the tooth that are above the gum-line.

A regular scaling and root planning procedure removes plaque, tartar and bacterial toxins from tooth surfaces below the gum line for effective dental hygiene care.

About Periodontal Disease

That is why at Nosehill Dental Centre we make sure that you and your family are on a twice-a-year or possibly more frequent maintenance or preventative dental hygiene care schedule.

In order to find appointment times that fit with their busy and active life styles, most of our clients pre-schedule their next visit. We will remind you by either a phone call or an e-mail that it is time for your next preventative care visit. Sometimes you may require a maintenance appointment which may include:

  • taking x-rays to check jawbone levels
  • measuring the depth of periodontal pockets
  • checking for loose teeth or bleeding gums
  • removing plaque or tartar above and below the gum-line
  • talking with you about the effectiveness of your home-care
  • oral cancer screening and checking the tissues of the head and neck
  • Regular periodontal and preventative maintenance visits help us break the stronghold of bacteria in your gums and slow or eliminate their destructive effects.

Regular removal of tarter and bacteria are crucial to treating gingivitis, controlling periodontal disease and preventing tooth decay. How do we accomplish this?

Periodontal Scaling

We use an ultrasonic scaler

An ultrasonic scaler consists of a wand with a small scaling tip that produces a soft ultrasonic vibrations and a gentle flow of water. As the tip moves along the tooth surface, it makes quick, small vibrations that break up plaque and tartar.

These vibrations give you a tickling sensation and cause millions of microscopic bubbles to form in the water.

The benefits of ultrasonic scaling

Ultrasonic scaling can be more comfortable than hand scaling because the tip is extremely small. Also, much of the work is done without disturbing the gum tissue.

In addition, we can add a medicated solution to the water to treat any infection and aid in healing.

Scaling your teeth with an ultrasonic scaler is an effective and efficient method for helping you keep your healthy and beautiful smile.

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