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We understand that going to the dentist can incite fear or worry in many people. The thought of needles poking through your gums or the shrill sound of the dental drill may be enough to cause anxiety and prevent you from making an appointment with the dentist, causing further oral health damage down the road. Sound familiar? If so, sedation dentistry may be a good route to consider.

For our patients who feel nervous or uneasy, we have a number of safe and effective sleep dentistry options available to help them relax.

How does sedation dentistry in calgary work? 

Sedation dentistry uses sedatives during a dental procedure, helping to keep you relaxed and calm throughout. These may include tranquilizers, nitrous oxide and anti-anxiety medications. In the past, it was common to administer sedatives through the intravenous or IV method by injecting it to the blood vessels of either the arm or the hand. This association with needles may only further contribute to the anxiety already caused by a dental procedure. That’s not good!   

Today, medical advancements in dental technology offer alternatives for administering sedatives without using injections. Patients can now choose oral administration or they can take anti-anxiety medication through the mouth. Gone are the needles or fancy (and scary!) apparatus. Advanced oral sedation dentistry is paving the way for calmer visits. 

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What to expect with sedation dentistry?

There are various factors to consider before deciding to proceed with sedation dentistry. Our team is here to take you through every step of the process – from the day before the treatment to the moment you return home. 

Using a pre-treatment consultation, we will check your dental history, your anxiety levels and other related health factors. Knowing previous or current medical conditions, as well as dietary and lifestyle habits, is important in helping to reduce and eliminate the potential side effects of sedatives, as some may react to vitamins, food supplements, or alcohol and tobacco. Our team can then advise you on the type of sedative as well as the proper dosage that should be prescribed prior to your procedure. Some people may be nervous to be sedated or confused about what to do right before or after – we can answer any questions!

It is possible that the assistance of a family member or a friend may be required for a few hours after the procedure. The effects of sedation may vary from patient to patient – some may feel drowsy for an hour or two post-treatment. 

What are the benefits?

Sedation dentistry offers a number of great benefits. Lengthy procedures, such as cosmetic dentistry or dental surgeries that take more than an hour to perform may seem to last for only a few minutes. Simply just knowing this can help to ease nerves and help you regain confidence! Lessening the anxiety may further encourage more frequent dental visits and help to promote a routine of proper oral care down the road. It can also cut down the number of appointments necessary for complex procedures. Win, win, and win! 

What are some others? 

  • Sleep Dentistry is Safe: You will not be unconscious, but will merely be in a deeply relaxed state. No intravenous tubes or needles are required.  
  • Sleep Dentistry is Flexible: Depending on the treatment you require, sedation dentistry can help you remain relaxed for two to six hours.
  • Complex Dental Treatments can be Completed in Just One Visit: Our dentists can replace crowns or bridges, place veneers, improve the health of your gums, and whiten your teeth while you remain comfortably relaxed.

Is dental sedation right for you?

The benefits are many! If you exhibit any of the following characteristics, sedation dentistry may help:

  • Fear or stress regarding dental procedures;
  • History of bad dental experiences;
  • Sensitive teeth;
  • Troubling gag reflex;
  • Difficulty controlling movements (i.e., Cerebral Palsy or Parkinson’s disease);
  • Complex treatment required;
  • Limited time or a number of treatments to be completed.

Taking care of your teeth need not be a painful experience. Talk to us! We can help to find the right sedation option for you and educate you on the whole process, from start to finish. The calming environment and friendly team at Nosehill Dental Centre can help put our patients at ease. Dr. Piercy and the team are especially well-known for their easygoing demeanour and chair-side manner, which helps even the most anxious patients feel comfortable and confident in the care they will receive.

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