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what do dental hygienists do at nosehill dental centre?

Your Nosehill Dental Centre dental hygienist is a healthcare professional that is able to offer services after obtaining the proper licensing or credentials from the appropriate jurisdiction. Dental hygienists will work as part of the Nosehill Dental Centre team, performing certain tasks that involve direct patient care. Here are some examples of the types of duties that may be performed by our licensed dental hygienist.

It is important to note that a dental hygienist has to obtain formal training and education before it is possible to be licensed. Generally, most jurisdictions require at least a two-year degree on dental hygiene, as well as a number of science-related courses as part of the program. Generally, a hygienist will have taken courses that provide background in oral anatomy, pharmacology, nutrition, and periodontology.

Perhaps the single most common group of tasks associated with the profession involves preventive dental care. Teeth cleaning is often taken care of by the dental hygienist. Along with cleaning, the hygienist often engages in sealants, root planing, and in educating the patient in general oral hygiene.

One of the most common tasks for the dental hygienist is the administration of local anesthesia. This allows the dentist time to check on other patients and prepare for the procedure as the anesthesia is taking effect.

For many of the tasks that a dental hygienist is authorized to perform, there is no need for supervision by a dentist. In other situations, partial supervision may be required. However, as more hygienists opt for higher degrees of certification, this is changing. Expanding the range of responsibilities that a dental hygienist may provide as part of the dentist office staff often means patients are seen and treated more quickly than in times past.

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