5 Clear signs your wisdom teeth need emergency removal

wisdom teeth removal calgary nw dental emergency

Some people can go through life without a single issue with their wisdom teeth. They either don't surface without any problems or they never do surface and stay dormant.

However, approximately 85% of the human population either have had their wisdom teeth removed at some point during their lifetime or will need to.

And we are here to help make the wisdom teeth removal process in Calgary, NW as comfortable, smooth and painless as possible as our dental clinic.

The key is to catch the early signs that your wisdom teeth need to be removed as soon as possible with the support of your dental clinic in Calgary NW.

Keep in mind, your wisdom teeth don't hold any bias about age. Whether you're a teenager or an adult, you may need to undergo wisdom teeth extraction.

It's our goal to help you create an effective wisdom teeth removal plan in Calgary, NW so that you feel prepared and don't have to deal with an infected, troubling wisdom tooth or an emergency extraction.

However, emergency wisdom teeth removals are common and can truly sneak up on you. In the event of this, we've got your back at our dental clinic in Calgary, NW!

Here are 5 clear signs your wisdom teeth may need emergency removal:

#1. Intense pain or sensitivity in your teeth and gums

If every time you eat or drink, you feel sharp, shooting pain or unusually overwhelming sensitivity in your tooth and gums, we highly recommend seeking immediate dental treatment — especially if this is an ongoing phenomenon.

#2. Teeth that feel loose

wisdom teeth removal calgary nw impacted wisdom tooth

An impacted wisdom tooth can become trapped below your gums if they grow in at awkward, diagonal or horizontal angles.

The angling and pressure caused by impacted wisdom teeth can be so strong, it cause surrounding teeth to shift out of alignment.

As a result, this can cause dental crowding, or in extreme cases, cause your teeth to feel loose.

#3. White fluid, pus or cysts in your mouth

This almost always indicates that you have a wisdom tooth infection, which left untreated for too long, can become very dangerous. In the worst-case scenario, untreated wisdom tooth decay can lead to damage to your dental bones supporting your teeth.

If you see or feel white fluid, pus or cysts in your mouth, seek emergency dental treatment in Calgary, NW right away.

#4. Darkening or discolouration of your teeth

Darkened or discoloured teeth can indicate deep decay, which can then lead to more extensive, complex issues at the dental bone level.

Largely because of their location, wisdom teeth often decay faster than your other teeth. This can especially be the case if you have a partially erupted wisdom tooth that never fully surfaced, becoming a trap for bad bacteria.

#5. Bleeding, swollen, inflamed gums

Your wisdom teeth and the surrounding gum area are very vulnerable to the development of periodontal gum disease to varying degrees, depending on how soon you catch it.

Because of how hard your wisdom teeth can be to reach and clean properly, bacteria can easily stay on your wisdom teeth.

This forms plaque that can eventually harden into tartar that eats tooth enamel. With time, this can also spread to your gum line. 

In advanced stages, periodontal gum disease can lead to tooth loss, dental bone loss and can become a condition that you need to manage lifelong.

If you experience bleeding every time you floss and notice any of the signs listed above, it's time to take action and likely receive wisdom teeth removal in Calgary, NW.

wisdom teeth removal calgary nw dental emergencies

Trying to tough it out or wait it out rarely ever works out to your advantage when it comes to your dental health.

You deserve to experience quality, nonjudgmental dental care at an affordable cost so you can get back to being your awesome self!

Contact us today to explore affordable dentistry options for wisdom teeth removal in Calgary, NW!


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