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Get the Dental Care You Need Today!

Have you been putting off necessary dental care for yourself or loved ones? We know that many people face health, career, or financial uncertainty which sometimes creates anxiety, stress, or even depression.

If you or someone you love needs dental work now, please don’t delay making a dental appointment. We understand your financial worries, but the truth is: Waiting will cause more pain or discomfort, and – it will be even more expensive down the road.

When you are under financial stress, Nose Hill Dental truly understands the position you are in. We do NOT promise to provide a One Fits All solution. All we can say is …

Come on over and talk to us

As a Calgary NW Dental Clinic, we provide flexible payment options for patients who need dental work – now, but can’t afford to pay the treatment total at once – now.

We suggest that you give us a call or contact us to arrange a chat. Together, we can look for ways to find a personalized solution. We’re just trying to help because we believe that All People Are Awesome.

Finance FAQs

Nosehill Dental does request payment in full for your portion at the time of service. We accept Mastercard, Visa and Interac (Debit). For existing patients with an established credit history, we do take postdated cheques or credit card payments over the course of 3 months.

If you have any questions regarding finances, we ask that you please call us directly at (403) 241-1900. Our knowledgeable administration team will be able to answer any questions you have.

Dental Insurance

We Offer Direct Insurance Billing!

Dental Insurance & Finances | Nosehill Dental | General & Family Dentist | NW Calgary

At Nosehill Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with personalized, high-quality dental services at affordable prices, and since we follow the most up to date Alberta Fee Guide for all our dental services, you can be assured of industry leading, predictable pricing for our dental services.

We understand that paying for dental treatment can be stressful, especially if the costs are high. You should consider yourself fortunate if you have insurance benefits to help with the cost of your dental care. Please know that our goal is to assist you in navigating your coverage so that you obtain the maximum benefits possible.

Nosehill Dental is here to assist you in understanding your insurance plan so you can best utilize your coverage. To guarantee accuracy when dealing with your insurance company, please bring your most up-to-date insurance information with you to your appointment. Dental insurance is a complex subject; while it is not possible for us to know every detail, limit, or exclusion involved in all the plans we deal with, we endeavor to assist you in understanding and navigating coverage details the very best we can.

Please note that the treatment we recommend will always be based on your dental needs, regardless of the nature and extent of your dental plan coverage.

We are pleased to offer Direct Billing (also called “Assignment of Benefits”). Our administrative team is happy to electronically submit your insurance papers directly to your insurance company on your behalf, and accept their payment directly to our office. You only pay the difference your company will not cover. Unfortunately, there are a few insurance companies that will not allow payment to come to the office, therefore payment in full for services is required.

Please note that despite our efforts, due to the Canadian Personal Privacy Act, we have limited access to any specific information from your dental insurance company regarding your plan. It is your responsibility to know the parameters of your dental coverage plan and to provide our office with accurate and current insurance information.

We provide flexible payment options for patients who require dental work now, but cannot afford to pay the treatment total at once. We encourage you to give us a call or fill out the contact form to arrange to talk with one of our dedicated team members. We understand that finances can sometimes be an issue, but we encourage you not to wait to seek treatment, as waiting can cause more pain and discomfort, and will result in even more expensive solutions down the road. Call Nosehill Dental today, and together we can find ways to provide you with the personalized care and solutions you need.


We accept most major insurance providers. Please call Nosehill Dental at (403) 241-1900 if you have any inquiries regarding our insurance partners.

Insurance and Finance FAQs

Nosehill Dental currently accepts all private care insurance plans (plans do not require you to select a dentist from a list or require our office to accept a reduced fee for services). This means that we work with literally thousands of companies. Although we can maintain computerized histories of payment by a given company, the benefits do change. Therefore, it is impossible to give you a guaranteed quote at the time of service. We estimate your portion based on the most up-to-date information we have, but it is ONLY AN ESTIMATE. If you would like to know your exact insurance benefit, we will be happy to file a “pre-treatment estimation” with your insurance company prior to treatment. This does delay treatment but will give you the exact out of pocket figures that you may require.
We base the patient portion of your bill on our most current data but there are many factors that can affect this estimate. There may be a deductible (individual or family) or you may have received treatment in another office prior to joining the Nosehill Dental Family, which is not calculated in our database. Sometimes you may need to see a specialist for care, which also uses your annual benefit. Insurance companies do not (and cannot in most cases) notify us of changes to your benefits. THEY ONLY NOTIFY YOU. If these situations apply to you, please let us know when we estimate your treatment plans so we may adjust accordingly.
We bill your dental insurance as a courtesy. If your dental insurance does not pay within 90 days, Nosehill Dental reserves the right to request payment in full for services from you and let you collect the insurance funds that are due to you. This is rare, but it is important that you recognize that the insurance you have is a legal contract between YOU and YOUR insurance company. Our office is not, and cannot, be a part of the legal contract. Ultimately, you are responsible for all charges incurred in our office.

If you have any questions regarding insurance, we ask that you please call us directly at (403) 241-1900. Our knowledgeable administration team will be able to answer any questions you have.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Call Nosehill Dental at (403) 241-1900 to set up an appointment today!

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