6 Reasons why seniors are prone to cavities

Most people assume that children are in the age group which gets the most cavities, and then that tapers off as we reach adulthood. Unfortunately, researchers say that 93% of seniors over 65 have dental decay.

Seniors suffer higher rates of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, mouth infections and tooth loss.


Why are seniors so prone to getting cavities?

There are at least six major factors which increase their risk of getting cavities.

1. Gum Recession

Older adults often have receding gums which expose the roots of the teeth to decay. Brushing teeth with a hard or medium-bristled toothbrush can lead to gum recession, as can brushing teeth too vigorously.

Seniors should only use soft-bristled toothbrushes and refrain from scrubbing their teeth too hard. Regular dental cleanings by a hygienist are essential. When bacteria-laden plaque and tartar aren’t cleaned regularly, they remain under the gum line where gum disease may result.

2.Age-related health conditions take a toll on dental health

As we age, decline in our overall health can affect our teeth too. The immune system becomes weaker and it’s easier to develop serious illness.

Health conditions more common to seniors include Arthritis, Stroke, Heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer. Studies show that diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, can contribute to dental conditions, including cavities.

3. Poor dental care at home

Some seniors develop bad habits over the years. For example, brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush instead of using a soft-bristled electric toothbrush leads to gum recession and decay over time.

Other seniors don’t have the ability to take adequate care of their teeth due to arthritis in their hands, or they’ve had a stroke and can no longer use their dominant hand.

4. Medications can cause dry mouth

With conditions that come with age, many seniors have to take prescription medications.

One of the side-effects of commonly used medications is dry mouth. Saliva acts as a necessary barrier against cavity-causing bacteria and acids in our mouth. Without that barrier, it’s far easier to develop cavities.

5. Less nutritious foods

Without nutritious foods, we become susceptible to infections and things like dental decay.

Unfortunately, many seniors aren’t getting the nutrients they really need. They may not be able to cook for themselves like they used to or afford adequate amounts of nutritious fresh produce. Chewing might be more difficult due to missing teeth, pain, or ill-fitting dentures.

6. Lack of dental insurance

According to The Canadian Health Measure Survey, over 50% of seniors don’t have dental insurance.

Because they’re on a fixed income, paying for dental treatment is difficult, if not impossible for some seniors.

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How can a Calgary NW dentist help seniors lower their cavity risk?

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Nosehill Dental dentists have treated many seniors and they understand the relationship between seniors’ dental health and their overall health.

Our dentists are strong advocates for prevention of problems for seniors: regular dental cleanings to remove plaque below the gum line, and thorough checkups to detect problems early. Their goal is to preserve seniors’ teeth and their smiles.

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At Nosehill Dental, our dentists believe that today's dentistry should be clear, effective, and healthy.

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Here is what you don’t want to continue:

  1. Putting off having your teeth cleaned and checked
  2. Feel concerned that waiting might make tooth problems worse
  3. Worry about the cost of seniors’ dental care
  4. Have anxiety about trying a new dentist
  5. Avoid the dentist because of cultural concerns

Instead, start with Step 1 and you can:

  1. Move forward with caring for your teeth
  2. Book your cleaning and check-up
  3. Know that SkyPointe has dental financing available
  4. Relax with a dentist who understands seniors
  5. Enjoy feeling welcome and comfortable at Nosehill Dental

Dental Care for Seniors Calgary NW

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