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Are you looking for dentures in Calgary NW? Nosehill Dental could be the right fit for you…

Dental technologies and materials have changed rapidly over the past decade, and that applies to dentures as well. There are full and partial removable dentures as well as implant-supported dentures now. How do you know which type is right for you? You need to find a dentist who has expertise in treating you with the dentures that will meet your needs and enhance your smile. But finding a dental office Calgary NW which also does dentures might be challenging. 

You may be concerned about being disappointed with the service, the cost, or the final result. Dentures need to be comfortable, natural looking, and provide you with the confidence you need to eat what you want to eat. You are concerned you might end up being disappointed with your dentures.  


Nobody should be disappointed in their dentist or with their dentures

At Nosehill Dental, our dentists have over 25 years of experience of treating patients with dentures. We have over 7000 happy current patients, and we have treated dozens of happy, smiling patients with different kinds of dentures. Some patients need full dentures. Other patients with missing teeth can have a properly designed partial denture which will help to support existing teeth, correct chewing functionality, improve our patients’ oral health, and improve their smiles. Our dentists want to help you achieve the smile and oral health that you deserve with the appropriate dentures for your needs.


What are partial dentures?

For some patients, full dentures are not required, but a partial denture can be created for a section of teeth. Removable Partial Dentures (RPD) can be completely tooth supported, or supported by implants, and can be made out of metal and acrylic composite or just out of acrylic. They are designed to distribute chewing forces evenly over the remaining teeth and soft tissues. 


What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures reduce uncomfortable movement of your partial or full dentures. An implant is a small titanium fixture which replaces the root of a missing tooth, and a new tooth is attached to the titanium post. In the case of dentures, the entire denture is anchored to multiple titanium posts to secure the denture in place. This can also minimize gum irritation and pain which can occur with removable partials or conventional full dentures.

There are two kinds of implant-supported dentures: fixed and removable. Removable implant supported dentures snap onto the tops of titanium posts to hold them in place, and they can be removed for cleaning. Fixed dentures are screwed onto the tops of the implants and can only be removed by a dentist. One of the benefits of implant dentures is that the implants stimulate bone growth, as missing teeth in the jaw result in bone loss. Our dentists are able to determine the appropriate denture options for your needs and answer all your questions. 


What are the 3 easy steps to finding your dentures solution? 

1. Let’s meet
2. Let’s talk about your need for dentures
3. Let’s start to create a beautiful smile together


As you consider whether to move forward:

Don’t waste more time looking for dentures
Stop wasting money on short-term dental treatments
Don’t feel disappointed in your dentist’s lack of expertise
Stop worrying about the cost to fix your teeth
Don’t keep hiding a smile you hate


Instead, you could:

Relax knowing you have found a solution for your dentures
Find a long-term solution to your dental problems
Feel confident your dentist has the expertise you want
Know you have flexible payment options for your oral care
Experience new confidence when you look at your beautiful smile

Come to Nosehill Dental Clinic and let us help you start each day with a radiant straight smile!