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We share our planet with 8 billion other people. It’s fair to say that we’re all not exactly alike. Without a doubt, every individual is unique in his or her own thoughts, ideas, preferences, and objectives. Each person is so singular in fact, that the only consistent similarity is that everyone is completely, irrevocably different. Isn’t that amazing?

At Nosehill Dental, we see Diversity as a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, this isn’t a globally shared consensus. Many people are still judged by their skin colour, physical or mental ability, religion, heritage, gender, and/or sexual orientation.

Therefore, we seek to change the world by embracing Inclusivity. Despite our differences, we also have one thing very much in common: We all want to be considered, viewed, and treated equally. When we actively work on making Inclusivity an accepted concept everywhere, every day, for everyone, we believe it will motivate others to do the same.



Starting at our dental home: Respecting each patient’s preferences and concerns

Nosehill Dental is committed to ensuring that individuals have access to dental solutions tailored to their specific needs, without exceptions.



Each one of our patients are treated equally

  We encourage you to ask questions, share your concerns, and seek clarification 

  We believe you play the most important role in your own dental care plan

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We’ll do what we can to help you keep your smile healthy and beautiful for a lifetime!


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We’re a diverse group of passionate dental professionals committed to you and your family’s overall health.

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Real change always begins with education, which is why education has become the cornerstone of Nosehill Dental’s social philosophy to help strengthen our communities.

We take action by providing dental education to patients, companies, schools, senior centers, sports facilities, and more, to help spread the message about the prevention of oral diseases, dental issues, and injuries. We love supporting organizations such as the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion: CCDI.

Please help us raise awareness about Diversity and Inclusivity issues in our society and in our own community here in NW Calgary. We will continue to lead the way by treating every patient with the love, respect, and kindness they deserve. Because all people are awesome. 

All people are awesome!

You are always welcome here.

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