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Orthodontics Invisalign Calgary NW: Teeth straightening solutions for kids, teens, and adults.

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Dental braces

Straight teeth and a new smile are a lot closer than you might think!


Clear braces or Invisalign are designed for teens and adults.

All people are awesome!

Let's ensure your smile is too.



Are you looking for Orthodontics in Calgary NW? Nosehill Dental could be the right fit for you…

Braces used to be for kids and teenagers, and they involved metal wires and bands that made smiling, eating and brushing more challenging. These days, kids, teens and adults have many more options available from their dentists who can provide a range of teeth straightening solutions. There are clear braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces which go behind your teeth, and invisible aligners. How do you know which are the best for you? Plus finding the right dentist for your orthodontics Calgary NW can be a challenge.

How do you make sure you have found a dentist you can trust, who won’t be a disappointment or waste your money? How do you know you will be getting good value for the cost and that you will be happy with the results? Nobody should be disappointed in their dentist.


We believe finding a dentist who does orthodontics should be simple, easy and clear

At Nosehill Dental, our dentists have over 25 years experience with orthodontics. We have over 7000 happy current patients, and we have treated dozens of happy, smiling patients with Invisalign® braces. Our patients with misaligned teeth can experience bite problems, unnecessary wear of teeth, gum disease, and cavities because of how difficult crooked teeth are to clean properly. Our dentists use Invisalign® aligners and we are able to correct functional problems and improve our patients’ oral health, improve their smiles and even the shape of their face. Our dentists want to help you achieve the smile and oral health that you deserve.


What are Invisalign® braces?

Thanks to cutting edge technology, we are able to create a 3D scanned image of your teeth in order to create a plan for how your teeth need to be straightened, and to ensure a great fit for your clear aligners. Your unique clear aligners are trimmed for an exact fit with your gum line so that they look and feel better. On the first day of your new smile, you visit our dental clinic Calgary NW and receive the first set of aligners. You will wear them 22 hours a day, so that means you wear them at night too. You only remove them when you eat a meal. Because there are no wires, you can eat what you want and continue to enjoy your favourite recreational activities.

Every couple of weeks, you will return for a new set of aligners which will be designed to keep moving your teeth gently into their new position. There will be a slight sense of pressure or discomfort for the first few days with each new set. The good news is that your teeth will move into their final position considerably faster than they would with traditional braces. Of course, the best news is that no one will know you are wearing braces while your new smile is being created!


What are the 3 easy steps to finding good orthodontics in Calgary NW?

1. Let’s meet.
2. Let’s talk about a plan to straighten your teeth.
3. Start the journey to your new beautiful smile.


Don’t delay your decision further:

End the search for orthodontic dentistry in Calgary NW
Don’t experience further problems with your crooked teeth
Stop wasting money on inadequate dental treatments
Get rid of worry about the cost to fix your teeth
End feeling insecure because of your crooked teeth


Instead, you could experience this:

Feel confident your dentist has the right experience
Have a dentist who gets to the root of the problem
No more wasted money on treatments you don’t need
Relax knowing there are affordable options to fix your teeth
Start each day with a radiant, straight smile

Come to Nosehill Dental in Calgary NW and trust us to transform your crooked teeth into a beautiful smile.