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We believe that no matter where you come from, what you look like,

what you believe in, who you love, or what your culture is,

all people are awesome.

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Why Nosehill dental?

We seek to change the world through embracing inclusivity andĀ providing the highest level of comprehensive care.

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We’re a diverse group of passionate dental professionals committed to you and your family’s overall health.

Health & Safety

We take our sterilization and infection control procedures very seriously for every one of our patients.


Advancements in dental technology are constant and our NW Dentist Calgary office is committed to keeping pace.

Insurance & Finances

We’ll do what we can to help you keep your smile healthy and beautiful for a lifetime!

All people are awesome!

You are always welcome here.

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Patient Education

It is our desire to communicate the benefits of a healthy smile to everyone. Check out our collection of short dental videos to learn about dental health.

Dental FAQ’s

Common questions we hear at our Calgary dental office that you may have or can help you.

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An emergency dentist will be right with you. We have a No Judgement Policy.

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